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Sacramento being the capital of California is one of the most visited cities in the USA and is often referred to as the most diverse city in America. With more than 400 thousand citizens, it’s a great town to be established and live a quiet life. But Sacramento is also known for the many charity associations that reside there. And their objectives in helping the ones that deserve it the most.

Make a Wish Sacto is a website that is fully dedicated to spreading a message of love by sharing the multiple events and associations related to charity. With the compromise of targeting as many citizens as we can, we want to make the world a little better by giving an aid to these non-profit associations.

From events and marathons, to simply donating to a cause, we try to make a statement that everybody needs a help once in a while. And with the commitment of helping as many people as we can, our perseverance with the charity associations and their objective is remarkable.

Make a Wish Sacto has been online for more than five years. Within this time we have helped countless charity associations to spread their message and to earn the donations that they much need.

-Leroy Rocha