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Girl Scouts of America – Is Sacramento Earning its Badges?

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) are commonly known just as Girl Scouts is an organization for American young girls that live either inside or outside the country. It was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon.

The Girl Scouts is a great opportunity to all the girls out there, this program promotes empowerment and promotes important values such as confidence, courage, compassion, leadership and more useful things for the girls.

Is Sacramento doing its part of the job with the GSUSA organization? We gather some information to let you know the entire scoop.

scouts - Girl Scouts of America - Is Sacramento Earning its Badges?

What Do They Do

They usually participate in activities that involve community service, camping, exploring, first aids and doing special activities that provide them with important knowledge of the world. They earn badges by doing these activities and learning new things. Also, there are some Girl Scout special awards, From Gold to Bronze Awards.

Girls from all ages and backgrounds can register to the Girl Scout membership. However, the activities vary from level to level. They are organized by age. The Girl Scouts association is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

There Are Badges for Everything

The Girl Scouts administration of the United States of America recently released some new badges to promote leadership and give the opportunity to little girls to create a positive impact on their communities and to the world, the badges include space science, robotics, and more scientific related things.

badges - Girl Scouts of America - Is Sacramento Earning its Badges?

There are over thirty badges that can be under the STEM category. There is a list on the Girls’ webpage that displays all the badges related to Digital Arts, Science and Technology, Financial Literacy and more important subjects. They provide the girls with lessons and projects that help them grow.

Here in Sacramento, the girls have programs to earn badges that go from the basics like hiking and camping, cooking and more crafting activities, to environmental activities, robotic projects, and sports. The Girl Scouts’ program in the city is filled with opportunities for girls of all ages, no matter their background.

Values and Morals Are Crucial

The Girls Scouts follow certain values, and Sacramento’s girls are not the exception, as they work under the Girl Scout Promise and Law, this promotes important values such as respect and order, besides all the activities that promote character, confidence and more aspects that train these girls to contribute to creating a better world like some other non-profit organizations.

The girls from Sacramento can get special help if they have very difficult backgrounds, taking into account all the migration problems the city has been having, this is very important. The Girls Scout of Sacramento is being taught how to mark the difference and be incredible, which leads to an incredible society in Sacramento.

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heart hands - 5 Options to Help Immigrants from Sacramento to the Borders Charity 

5 Options to Help Immigrants from Sacramento to the Borders

Nowadays there is a terrible situation going on with immigrant families from Sacramento who go to the border. There have been cases where children were separated from their families, then incarcerated at the border.

It might be frustrating to see how this situation keeps going but there are some ways in which you can help out. Even if Sacramento is very far away from the nearest border, there is a large number of opportunities for those who want to help at a local level or at a national level, and here in Make a Wish Sacto you will have the chance to do so.

Search For Charities

It is advised that you look for reliable charitable organizations in web pages dedicated to showing them, such as the Charity Navigator or ProPublica. Learn how to choose the right charity and help out everyone.

hold hands - 5 Options to Help Immigrants from Sacramento to the Borders

Official Support To Immigrants

Among the most relevant organizations that are currently supporting immigrants, we find the Sacramento Immigration Coalition and the Area Congregations Together and finally the Sacramento Family Unity, Education, and Legal Network.

Assist To The Events

The before mentioned group, the ACT is going to go to the California border, in San Ysidro. The organized an interfaith mass. This mass main purpose is to bring the moral crisis we’re going through to the table.

There is a Families Belong Together rally that’s going to take place in Sacramento, on Capitol Mall, to highlight that families belong together.

volunteer people - 5 Options to Help Immigrants from Sacramento to the Borders

Become A Legal Observer

Legal observers are the people who train to be an authentic “moral witness” to operations from Ice. If you want to be part of this, you can subscribe yourself in the Sacramento Immigration Coalition.

There you will be trained by experts in legal fields to be part of the official team that responds to Ice and that tries to bring legal and social resources to the families affected.

This organization tries to protect the legal rights of the immigrants, no matter if they are refugees, asylum seekers or anything else.

Who Provides It

The McGeorge School of Law is offering services in their Immigration Law Clinic, where students try to help people who can’t pay for healthcare.

The Sacramento Family Unity, Education and Legal Network for Immigrant is responsible for giving preparation to immigrants on how to defend against deportation.

The ACLU Immigrant’s Rights Project is the one who has a purpose to protect all the civil liberties that immigrants should have, they try to increase awareness on their situation and to eradicate discrimination against immigrants.

The Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley has been giving provisional shelter, food, and more personal and necessary products and supplies to immigrants.

It is important to inform yourself how to help out those in need, these options will lead you to what you can do to help.

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working man - 6 Tips to Know Before Choosing a Charity Charity 

6 Tips to Know Before Choosing a Charity

There is a lot of work to be done in the world, in every aspect. And even though there are many problems we can’t easily solve, we always have the option to at least help a little bit by doing humanitarian activities.

Yet, there is another option, which is to donate to a charity. However, a lot of people need help and choosing where to put your effort into helping is not that easy. Here we will tell you some tips that can help you to choose a charity.

Be True To Yourself

Invest yourself in the charities that interest you the most, volunteer, explore and more! Be sure that you will give your money to something that stands for what you actually believe in, which leads us to the next point.

reading - 6 Tips to Know Before Choosing a Charity

Understand Your Beliefs

In order to choose a charity, you will have to understand the thing that you are passionate about. You could start by taking the time to ask yourself what is the most important thing to you, helping people with certain diseases or the environment.

You could guide yourself by looking up some charities at GuideStar. Whether you may be interested in art, animals, social or political causes, you will find the perfect one for you.

Do Some Research Before Trusting A Charity.

It is very important to check the legitimacy of a charity. If the charity you’re interested in is not on GuideStar, then you could request for a letter of determination. You could also look for an official listing in a directory aimed at its denomination

asian girl - 6 Tips to Know Before Choosing a Charity

Learn To Spot Out Unreliable Charities

If the charity you are contacting doesn’t give you enough information, like showing their programs and finances or sending you written things about their work, then you shouldn’t trust them.

And if they try to pressure you with manipulative tactics, then get out of that situation and continue to the next option on your list.

How To Spot A Reliable Charity

A reputable organization will be able to give you all the facts you need to know before getting into it. They will tell you all about their goals and failures, they will define their mission and the planning they do to accomplish it. And they will give their arguments to describe their different methods.


Another way to be sure that you’re making the right decision is that you compare the information the charity of your interest gave you with other charities that do the same kind of work. That way you will be sure that you are making an investment in something actually related to what you want.

Finally, trust that you’re making the right decision. Trust your gut, if it makes you feel uncertain then dig dipper, but if you consider that you have everything you need to comfortably join the cause, then go on!

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