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Sacramento’s Non Profit Organizations List – Which Are Your Favorite?

Here we will show you a list of the most recommended nonprofit organizations you can find in Sacramento, the services they offer and the customer’s general opinion. Now it is your call to choose what is best for you.

The Lil’ School

This preschool offers Child Care and Day Care to children with ages from six weeks to five years old. They offer after-school programs and summer camps. They are known for using techniques to help the children develop creative thinking and let them explore their curiosities.

A lot of people have many good things to say about them, some think that their kids have greatly improved in different skills with the help of enrichment experiences.

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The Zaitoon Refugee Resettlement

This is a nonprofit organization that has its roots in Afghanistan, where its main purpose is to help those in need, people with very bad economic situations. They help families whose children education was threatened due to poverty and other problems.

They offer vocational education to refugees and immigrants so that they get to know ways to improve their economy, as they also provide women who take care of their kids on their own.

Many people choose to volunteer here thanks to their internships and volunteer programs that make them one of the most outstanding organizations.

Wellspring Women’s Center

This organization is aimed at women who have been struggling to have a normal quality of life. This center provides shelter and food to both women and children.

They offer breakfast to over 200 women every weekday in the morning and the volunteers who serve it are famous to be warm and welcoming, this place has become a home to many.

This organization is up thanks to the donations they receive each year and the different volunteers who come to start internships where they learn a lot about other people’s social situation.

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Modern Waste Solutions

This non-profit organization is famous for being one of the best in their field. They take care of removing junk, hauling and recycling your stuff.

They can receive all the paper that you have and give them a call so that they use all of it to recycle.  You can also call them for any quantity of objects you want to throw away.

They are experts on electronic waste removal, they follow all the processes of data destruction and hardwire shredding, assuring that your private information is safe and that you finally take care of all the hardware you didn’t want anymore.

So those are some nonprofit organizations, all of them designed for different purposes

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5 Charities Boosting the Art Scene in Sacramento

Thanks to the help of many individuals and organizations, the art scene in Sacramento still has a lot of life to live. In spite of nowadays economy, there are still some people capable of giving some money away to charities destined for Arts.

Several foundations from Sacramento keep donating to support things like the theater, music fields, and more art scene activities. These charities give the opportunity to multiply and spread the arts in Sacramento and by doing that they enrich the culture of California and therefore America’s and the world.

Thanks to those foundations, these artistic groups can exist. Here we show you some of the faces behind the economic help received by the Art Scene in Sacramento

groupie - 5 Charities Boosting the Art Scene in Sacramento

The Teichert Foundation

This Foundation was created by Fred Teichert, member of a very famous firm in Sacramento, known to offer construction services in Northern California. This foundation has recently donated to The Haggin and the Crocker Art Museums, to the well-known Ballet dance academy of Sacramento and too many more art-related organizations.

The Downey Brand

This regional law firm has always supported traditional arts in the city of Sacramento. Their latest contribution was to the Sacramento Theater Company, The Sacramento Philharmonic and to the Ballet Academy of Sacramento.

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The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

This organization cares deeply about art. Their main purpose is to administrate economic contributions to particular areas of the arts, from Art In Public Places to Arts and Education. They also support different artists by helping them through their career or by simply giving them gifts.  Additionally, the SMAC works with local casinos in California to help allocate some of their proceeds to various art causes throughout the city.

The Thomas P. Raley Foundation

The name usually brings to mind the chain of grocery stores placed in Sacramento. However, they should also be acknowledged for their great contributions to art causes.

Their charities support many art organizations, including The Sacramento Ballet, they share funds frequently.

adult and child - 5 Charities Boosting the Art Scene in Sacramento

The James Irvine Foundation

This foundation was created by the family that gives the name to it, the Irvine Family from Southern California. They have become some of the most important donors in California.

Their wealth comes from land properties and agricultural operations, where they have funded many art organizations in Sacramento, as most of them have received something from them.

It is very important to take care of the art scenes. They represent a very vital part of the culture of a place, thanks to the many collaborators, and these organizations can bring life to the many art expressions in Sacramento.

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