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6 Biggest Fundraisers Charity Events in Sacramento in 2018

Sacramento’s Fundraising Charities are very active lately, and many events and activities have been taking place throughout 2018. If you missed them, there’s no need to worry! Here is a list of some of the upcoming events we made for you!

Building up Breakfast – Mutual Housing California

Mutual Housing is an organization with the goal of building affordable houses for people to rent. This year they are hosting a one-hour event on October 30, where you will be able to enjoy a full complimentary and nutritious breakfast, and you will also experience the storytelling of multiple residents and a heads-up of what’s next for this incredible organization by their CEO Roberto Jiménez.

Veteran’s Day Celebration – Center of Post Traumatic Growth in Sacramento

On Wednesday, November 7th, you can support and celebrate Veteran’s Day in a night full of art, food, music, and comradery. Apart from the fun and the life-changing experience, you’d be also contributing and securing many Veterans’ lives. This is why your assistance means a lot.

booksale - 6 Biggest Fundraisers Charity Events in Sacramento in 2018

Sacramento SPCA’s Fall Book Sale – Sacramento SPCA

From next Thursday and until Sunday, Sacramento SPCA will be holding their unique book sell with over 12 categories and genres to choose from. All proceeds benefits will go to their animals and future rescues. You can also help by donating used and new book until Wednesday at their Adoption Building.

2nd Annual Night of Niceness – Tower Of Niceness

Night of Niceness is a special night dedicated to raising money and awareness for those in need in the Sacramento Community. This is an activity that will beneficiate all kinds of citizens and places in Sacramento, including homeless people, animal shelters and even the Children’s Hospital. You can go with your family and share an evening of inspiring ideas, food, music, art, heartwarming performances and other amazing experiences on Friday, November 2nd.

Game Night with a Cause – Project Optimism

This is a limited attendance event, where not only your children, but also you can have a fun night with games, comedies, great prizes, food and more! Every earning that is made will go to the transportation and support of Project Optimism’s volunteers and its programs, such as scholarships, hospitals, and homeless shelters.

Orangevale Harvest Dinner – Grow Orangevale

This annual event is an evening you do not want to miss if you’re a philanthropist, business person or a community leader. It will take place on Nov 3rd at the Orangevale Center and you’ll be able to be a part of a silent auction with great food, live music and lots of fun.

Besides all the fun these events may bring to the city and to everyone’s hearts, remember to be an active part of the society and live with good values as everyone, starting from little kids like boys and girls scouts to old citizens to help and love others.

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